100mm of rain, with more to come

We have passed the 100mm mark for rain this month, which is well over double the average for April and makes this the wettest month in Brent Knoll since November 2009. It looks as if there is more rain to come in the next 24 hours, and our year-to-date total is getting close to normal despite the very dry first quarter. With gales and a cold North wind, it feels more like winter than late spring.

More eggs

There are seven eggs in the nest now. The hen is spending more time sitting and it is more difficult to spot the eggs, so here’s a shot taken at 8am today while the bird popped out for breakfast.

Photo of nest showing seven eggs
Taken at 8am 28 April 2012

A clutch of 10 eggs isn’t unusual, so we may see a few more yet.

That’s enough of the April showers, thanks . . .

St George’s Day has also brought us a good dose of that fine old English institution, rain. Although it has a reputation for showery weather, April isn’t usually a particularly wet month: but the persistent rainfall today has taken the total for this month past our April 2008 record of 61.8mm, and there’s still a week to go.

Despite the high rainfall this month, the very dry first quarter means that our year-to-date total is still below average. There are plenty more low pressure systems queued up over the Atlantic, though, all set to bring us yet more rain.

Laying has begun

To celebrate St George’s day, another egg has appeared this morning – there is no doubt about it now.

Photo of nest at 8am 23 April 2012, showing two eggs

We should see more eggs appearing very soon – a clutch may contain as many as 10. At this stage the hen still leaves the nest to feed, so now is the best time to get a look at the eggs. Later on she will be sitting all the time and there are fewer chances to see them.