Another rainfall record broken

June 2012 has now taken over from last April as the wettest month here since November 2009, when we recorded 148.8mm. As I type this the total for the month has reached 122mm, and it is raining steadily and showing every sign of continuing to do so for the rest of the night.

Since we still have a week of June to go, it isn’t beyond the bounds of possibility that the November 2009 record will be broken – and June is usually a good deal drier than November. Whether we reach that November 2009 total or not, this is already a quite exceptionally wet month.

Sunshine at last

We are well over halfway through June and until today it has been pretty disappointing – cool and wet. We have had 80mm of rain so far this month, about double the average for the whole of June and already the highest June total recorded here. The average temperature so far this month is 13.4C, around 2C below normal, so today’s sunshine has been particularly welcome with a high of 22C – but nothing to compare with May’s maximum of 28.5C. Unfortunately this fine weather doesn’t seem set to last long so enjoy it while you can.

While we have some clear skies, don’t forget to look out for noctilucent cloud an hour or so after sunset – faint tendrils of light in the Northern sky, reflected from dust high in the upper atmosphere. The period around the Summer Solstice on 21 June gives the best chance of seeing this beautiful phenomenon.

A very wet start to June

It’s raining steadily at 11.45am on 7 June and we have just passed the rainfall total for the whole of May, with the promise of plenty more today and in the coming few days.

There are gales forecast for tonight and tomorrow as a depression moves in from the Atlantic. With the trees in full leaf and the ground very wet, there is the potential for some damage.

In case you have forgotten, 1 June was the official start of summer!

A dry day for the fete – then the rain came

Yesterday was the wettest day of the year so far, with 16.44mm of rain. It stayed dry for the Brent Knoll Jubilee Fete, though, and all that rain fell between about 6pm and 10.30pm. We had over 11mm of rain between 9pm and 10pm, also a record for this year.

Congratulations to the fete organisers, not only for masterminding the event but also for arranging the weather so well – I would love to know how they did that!

May weather

Definitely a month of two halves – the first half of May continued the wet and cool pattern that we saw for most of April, but as we got towards the end of the month things brightened up considerably. There was no measurable rain after 20 May, though there were a few spots on the 30th: and on 25th May we saw the highest May temperature we have recorded, at 28.5°C.

Rainfall for the month was 43.4mm which is close to the long-term average. The average temperature was 12.4°C which is also normal: but until 20 May we were running at about 10°C which was decidedly chilly, whereas the last 10 days were warmer than we would expect in May.