Yet another rainfall record broken

Halfway through August, and still there is no let-up from the rain. There have been just two rain-free days so far this month to snatch a little more hay from the fields, and at the time of writing we have recorded 67.6mm – once again, the average monthly rainfall has fallen in the first half of the month. The total so far this summer (i.e.  since 1st June) is 296mm, so we have already exceeded the summer 2008 record of 280mm by quite a margin: but we still have some way to go to beat the 125mm that fell in August of that year.

I remember writing something similar to this in the middle of July, and a few days later the sun came out. I’d like to think I could have the same effect now, but don’t count on it.

July summary

Despite producing the highest temperature for three years, July 2012 was cooler than average as well as being wetter than average.

The first half of July was wet and by 19 July we had recorded 79mm of rain, but then our brief summer arrived and no further rain fell for nine days. We ended the month with a rainfall total of 84.6mm, which is above average but by no means unprecedented – in July 2008 we had 122.4mm, and in July 2009 the total was 103.6mm. This year we were fortunate compared with many other places, where far higher rainfall totals led to flooding.

The dry spell from 20-27 July was a welcome respite, particularly for those with children of school age, and provided an opportunity for some frantic haymaking. On 26 July the thermometer reached 29.9°C on the warmest day since July 2009. It was all to brief, though, and by the evening of 28 July it was raining again. Overall, July 2012 was about 1°C cooler than normal for the time of year.