Wettest day of the year so far

With a relatively modest total of 13.4mm (at the time of writing, 9.30pm), today has been the wettest day of the year so far.

The rainfall total for May now stands at 42.6mm, which is within the normal range for this time of year and makes a bit of nonsense of the last paragraph of my post of a few days ago.

For what it is worth, though, my observation about temperatures still stands – the average for this May has fallen a little since Friday, and now stands at 10.6C. Even if things warm up a little as we move into June, this will be by far the coldest May, and the coolest Spring, that we have recorded here.

It’s been a cold spring.

I’m writing this on a cold, blustery Friday evening with a heavy shower in progress, and it doesn’t feel as if summer is only a week away.

The forecast is for things to warm up a little over the coming Bank Holiday weekend, but even so this looks likely to be the coolest May recorded here since the weather station was set up in September 2007. The average temperature so far this month has been 10.7C, which is nearly 2C below normal for May – the previous low was 12.1C in May 2010.

This month follows a cold March and April, so it won’t come as any surprise that the average temperature for Spring (March-May) 2013 will be well below normal – by far the coolest we have recorded. The average temperature for those three months is normally around 10C, but this year we will finish up with a Spring average of about 7C.

Rainfall so far this month stands at 27.8mm, less than we might have expected at this point, but more showers are forecast for the coming week. Our year-to-date total is also below average, with 178mm at the time of writing – but that’s not as dry as 2010 when we had recorded just 167.7mm by the end of May.

Warmer still today

Today’s 0600-1800 average was 17.1C, with a new high temperature for this year of 22.3C at about 1500. We would hope to see better figures before the end of the month, but after such a late start to Spring it’s good to feel some warmth in the air.

Sumer Is Icumen In

Well, not quite yet perhaps, but it’s warming up.

This sunny Bank Holiday Monday has seen the highest temperature so far this year and we passed the 20C mark for the first time in 2013, with 20.6C being recorded at 1423 today. The daytime (0600-1800) average was 14.5C, making this the  warmest day so far this year.

Clear skies mean it can still get chilly overnight, though, and the thermometer was down to 4.3C at 0340. A ground frost in May can never be ruled out – gardeners beware!

April 2013 summary

The early part of April continued the cold theme from the month before, with temperatures only occasionally reaching double figures for the first fortnight, and a persistent chilly north-easterly wind. Things warmed up a little in the middle of the month, when the high pressure that had dominated our weather for so long finally gave way to Atlantic low pressure systems. The second week of April brought two-thirds of the rainfall for the month. The end of April saw the return of high pressure, and temperatures dipped again.

The average temperature was 7.8C, the same value as for April 2012 and well below the seasonal average. Whereas April last year was cold because of the persistent dull and and wet weather, this year it was a different kind of cold, with dry continental air blowing in from the East. As a result, rainfall was low – the total of 19mm for the month was also well below the seasonal average (compare that with 116.6mm for April 2012).

Spring is off to a late start this year – let’s hope we can soon make up for lost time.