Warmest day of the year so far

Last night (1800-0600) was the warmest night of the year so far, with an average temperature of 16C, and today was the warmest day at 19C. Although temperatures reached 26C today a bit further inland, a welcome sea breeze kept the maximum here down to 21.8C. The highest temperature recorded here so far this year was 23.1C on 6 June, but for many places today will have set a new maximum for 2013.

So far June is looking refreshingly normal as far as temperatures are concerned, with an average temperature at this stage of 14.8C. The current rainfall total of 9.2mm is on the low side, but June is normally one of the drier months of the year and there is plenty of time yet for that total to increase into the normal range.

Summer is here

At last a day of unbroken sunshine, light winds and some decent warmth. Today saw the highest temperature of the year so far, 22.7C at 16:18. The day started off quite chilly, though, a consequence of clear skies overnight: at 05:16 it was just 6.8C.

Despite wall-to-wall sunshine and a high peak temperature, today’s daytime (6am-6pm) average of 17.5C was just beaten by yesterday’s average of 17.8C. Although cloud took the edge off yesterday’s maximum temperature, it also meant that overnight temperatures were a little higher – hence yesterday got off to a warmer start than today, and that was enough to give a higher daytime average. Yesterday was the warmest day of the year so far, even if today felt warmer in the sun.

The forecast is for higher temperatures at the end of the week, so both records may have moved on by the weekend.

May 2013 summary

May finished with a final flourish, as the sun shone all day in a blue sky with just a few hazy clouds. Although some inland sites saw temperatures well into the 20s, a stiff sea breeze kept coastal areas cooler and the maximum recorded here on the 31st May was 18.7C. The warmest day of the month was 7th May when the thermometer rose to 22.3C.

Despite a few fine days, May was dominated by low-pressure systems with a particularly deep depression tracking right over this site on the night of 14th/15th May – a barometer reading of 983.2hPa is low for this time of year. As noted in the last two posts May was very cool, with an average temperature of 10.8C – nearly 2C below normal and by far the coldest May recorded here. The average temperature for Spring (Mar-May) was 7.5C, also about 2C below normal. As well as a slow start to the growing season, the effect of the low Spring temperatures can be seen in the bird population – many pairs are feeding young in their nests about two weeks later than usual.

The rainfall total for the month was 45.6mm, within the normal range. May produced the two wettest days so far this year – 12.8mm on the 14th and 13.4mm on the 28th – and those two days accounted for well over half of the month’s total.