March 2014 summary

After our extraordinary winter, March was refreshingly ordinary in every way with average temperature, rainfall and pressure figures for the month all falling very close to normal. There were no exceptional winds to cope with, and we even had a couple of air frosts after a frost-free February.

The month started with wet and unsettled weather, and a total of 12mm of rain fell on the 2nd and another 6.2mm on the 6th. However, an area of high pressure soon formed over Europe and pushed the track of the Atlantic lows to our north, bringing an end to the worst of the rain.

By the 10th an area of high pressure covered the UK, leading to very light winds. Unfortunately for this low-lying area it also brought fog, sometimes lasting all day: it was often cold and gloomy here while higher ground a few miles away basked in sunshine.

The high pressure drifted away south around the 20th and we saw a return to unsettled weather with more rain, but once again the lows were deflected northwards by high pressure to our south west and we were protected from the worst of the weather.

Toward the end of the month we found ourselves sandwiched between high pressure over Scandinavia and lows coming in from the Atlantic. Initially this generated a cold easterly wind, but for the last few days of March we were treated to warm air from the south east and a temperature of 19.3C was reached on the 30th – a reminder that spring is here.

The rainfall total for March was 45.4mm, average temperature 7.7C, average barometer 1015.3hPa – all normal figures for this time of year.