The cold spell continues

Following yesterday’s low average temperature, last night set a new record as coldest night of this year with an average of -2.8C from 1800-0600. Daytime today was colder than yesterday, with an average of 0.4C from 0600-1800 – along with clear blue skies and another splendid sunset.

The barometer is creeping up again as I’m writing this, and currently reads 1042.8 hPa. That’s by far the highest pressure we’ve seen this year, but we need another 1.1 hPa for a new station record.

Hardly a breath of wind today, thanks to the high pressure. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Coldest day of the year

Today has been the coldest of the year so far, with an average temperature of 2.9C from 0600 to 1800. Pressure is high across the UK with a new year-to-date record of 1038.9hPa a few minutes ago – by the time you read this, that record will probably have been broken again as the barometer is still rising.

As a consequence of the high pressure we have clear skies (with a spectacular sunset this afternoon), and the thermometer is dropping sharply this evening. Already we have a new low for this year of -2.2C, and there is a good chance that we will have the coolest night (1800-0600) of 2014 to follow the coldest day.

None of these temperatures are exceptional for December, but this has been a mild year so we are seeing new records set during this chilly spell. 2014 still looks set to be the warmest year were have recorded here, though – we’ll know in a few days.

November 2014 summary

November was a little warmer that average and a little wetter, but also very quiet with little in the way of wind. The total wind run for the month was 730.7nm, which is about a third of the average for November.

The average temperature was 9.1C which is at the top end of the “normal” range but not exceptional – it is the third-warmest November we have recorded here. The minimum of -1.6C on the 25th is not unusual for November, but it is the lowest temperature we have seen so far this year – because of the very mild (but wet!) start to 2014.

We recorded 101mm of rain which is above average but, again, not exceptional. The wettest day was the 8th with 13.2mm, and we recorded rain on 27 days out of 30 – though one of those was frost melt (which still counts as precipitation).

So far, 2014 is still our wettest year on record with a total of 910.2mm: the equivalent figure in 2012 was 898.6mm. However December 2012 brought 109.6mm of rain, with a total for that year of 1008.2mm, so whether that record will be broken in 2014 is still anyone’s guess at the moment.

Finally, a chilly spell toward the end of November reduced the average temperature for autumn to 12.8C, making it our second warmest autumn behind 2011 (13C). Nonetheless 2014 is still set to be our warmest year yet, with our year-to-date average currently at 12.1C – about a degree higher than we would expect at this point.