New rainfall record set

Following on from my earlier post, the rain resumed in earnest at 1600 and by 1700 today’s rainfall total had reached 34.4mm, making this the wettest day since the weather station was set up in 2007.

It’s still coming down as I type this, but the radar suggests it will be easing off soon. The low pressure system is moving very slowly east, so more rain later can’t be ruled out.

Wettest day since 2008

A slow-moving low pressure system currently to the south of Cornwall generated nine hours of continuous rainfall starting at 0430 today, and as I’m typing this we are seeing the first break from that rain.

Today’s total at 1330 is 28.6mm, making this the third-wettest day recorded here since the station was set up in 2007. The two higher daily totals were both back in 2008 – 33.6mm on 3 September that year, and 34.2mm on 9 July 2008.

Rainfall radar  suggests that the current break may last for a few hours but there is potential for more rain later today. If that amounts to another 5.7mm, then today may see a new daily rainfall record.

The “Live Weather” page has been removed

For several years this site has had two automatically-updated weather pages. The “Current Weather” page provides a text-based display of weather conditions, and the “Live Weather” page showed similar data in a graphical format.

The graphical display relied on Adobe Flash. For a number of reasons we have decided not to use Flash on this site any more, and so the Live Weather Page has been removed.

Apologies to those visitors who enjoyed the graphical display.

June 2015 summary

June began as a chilly month, with temperatures for the first 10 days about 1.5C below average. Although there were several bright and sunny days thanks to high pressure systems, a cool breeze took the edge off the warmth. There was almost no rain during the period, just 2.2mm on the 1st and 0.2mm the following day.

There was a sharp reversal in fortunes on the 11th, when a low to the west of France and high pressure over eastern Europe drew warm continental air up over the UK, giving us out first hot day of the year with a temperature of 26.5C at 1700. The English Channel saw some severe thunderstorms and there were more in Kent on the 12th, but although there was a good deal of rain overnight on the 12th/13th there was no thunder here.

This marked the end of the cool spell, and for most of the remainder of June temperatures were right on the average for the time of year. Some low pressure systems made their presence felt, notably on the 22nd when 15.8mm of rain fell – the wettest day of the month. High pressure was never far away, though, and there was a good deal of sunshine.

The month ended in style, with warm air once again being drawn up from France. This time the thermometer reached 29.1C, our second-highest June value, but fortunately humidity was low which meant the heat wasn’t too uncomfortable.

June’s average temperature was 15C, close to normal for the time of year – the two hot spells made up for the cool start to the month. The rainfall total was 42.6mm, also close to the June average, and there was nothing exceptional in the way of wind.

Not a bad introduction to summer, then, despite the unpromising start to the month.