July 2015 – cold, wet and miserable.

July began warm and humid, with unstable air being drawn in from the continent and generating thunderstorms to the East and West of us, although there was just a little rain here. The temperature rose to 29.7C by 1530 on 1st July, but shortly after that a cold front arrived, associated with low pressure to the west of Ireland, and this caused the temperature to drop to a much fresher-feeling 21C by 1600. As it turned out the first of July was the warmest day of the month: although we also saw some reasonable temperatures on the 3rd and 4th, it was all downhill after that.

Most of July was dominated by Atlantic low pressure systems, with high pressure only putting in a couple of half-hearted appearances. There was a good deal of cloud which suppressed temperatures, giving a average for the month of 16.2C – not our coolest July ever, but on the cool side. It rained on 19 days of the month, and the 24th was our wettest day since the station was set up with 37.8mm. The total for the month was 114mm making this our second-wettest July – the wettest was in 2008 when we recorded 122.4mm.

By the last week of July it was feeling distinctly autumnal, with temperatures stuck in the low teens. Summer did finally return on the 30th thanks to high pressure to our west bringing clear skies and sunshine, although there was a cold wind, but there was a sting in the tail: a clear night allowed the thermometer to drop to 5.7C early on the 31st – equal to the July low recorded in 2011.

Overall, then – cold, wet and miserable.