August 2015 summary

August’s weather was dominated by Atlantic low pressure systems, with only a few brief spells of high pressure. Consequently it was a cool and wet month with a good deal of cloud, but despite the many low pressure systems it wasn’t particularly windy – the total wind run for August was 973nm, which makes it a quiet month.

Total rainfall was 96.8mm making this our third-wettest August, and rainfall was recorded on 15 days which is about average – the high total is due to there being several days of persistent or heavy rain, rather than a lot of rainy days. The wettest day was the 23rd when we recorded 23.4mm, our 10th wettest day since the weather station was set up.

Even when it didn’t rain, it was often cloudy – there were only seven sunny days during the month, which coincided with the all-too-brief spells of high pressure around the 8th, 12th and 17th. Most of the rest of the month saw us under a blanket of grey cloud, which of course kept temperatures down for much of the time.

The average temperature for August was 16.0C which is cool but not exceptional – 2014 and 2011 were cooler. The lack of heat from sunshine was partly offset by a few days of warm, humid air being drawn up from the continent around the 13th, when there were torrential thunderstorms in the South-East of England, and again on the 22nd when a thunderstorm brought us 2.8mm of rain late in the afternoon.

The summer of 2015 was about half a degree cooler than normal at 15.7C, and it was also quite wet – the rainfall total of 253.4mm puts it well above our summer average of 207.8mm. We have seen wetter summers, though, in 2008 and notably in 2012 when we recorded 332.8mm.