September summary (or even summery!)

After a mediocre summer, September did quite a lot to redress the balance. High pressure dominated for much of the month, and there was a good deal of sunshine which made it feel warmer than it really was. The rainfall total was a modest 47.2mm, and there was little in the way of wind.

The month started with a blocking high pressure system to the west of Ireland, so we were protected from Atlantic low pressure systems. The westerly breeze was polar air, though, and the beginning of the month was decidedly cool as well as being dry.

On the 5th September the high pressure system began moving east across the UK bringing some clear skies, although cloud was occasionally drawn across the UK from the North Sea. The high began to move away to the east of the UK on the 10th, but the sunshine that afternoon produced the highest temperature of the month of 23.6C.

Once the high pressure had moved off over Scandinavia the way was clear for Atlantic lows to take over, and it rained every day for the following week (11th-18th) with the wettest day of the month being the 14th (17.6mm). We had a short break on the 19/20th with high pressure over France and the south of the UK, and then the the lows returned until the 24th bringing showery weather.

On the 25th another high pressure system moved in from the south west and this stayed with us (and much of Northern Europe) for the remainder of the month, producing lots of blue skies and sunshine – and clear nights with brilliant moonlight from the full moon, and splendid views of the eclipse.

Despite all the sunshine September was a cool month, thanks to the chilly first few days, and the lengthening clear nights which allowed temperatures to drop rapidly once the sun had gone down. The lowest temperature of 2.9C was recorded early on the 26th, our second-lowest September value, and the average for the month was 13.2C – about 1.5C below normal, and the coolest September we have recorded here even if it didn’t feel that way.

Altogether September was a welcome change from a rather drab summer, and if it was cool we didn’t really notice it in the sunshine.