Exceptionally mild start to November

The mean temperature for the 1st-15th November was 12.5C – that’s 3.2C higher than our average for the first half of November since the station was set up in 2007. This is by far the warmest start to November that we have recorded. The next warmest was 11.1C for the first half of November 2011, and in no other year has the average for that period exceeded 10C.

The month started with a warm south-easterly airflow, generated by low pressure systems in western Europe and a high over eastern Europe. The high then spread westwards, eventually covering all of continental Europe with a procession of Atlantic lows running along its northern edge. This put us into a warm south-westerly airstream – so although it has been cloudy and wet, the average daily temperature has only twice dipped below 10C and the blanket of cloud has kept the nights warm too.

Forecasters predict cooler weather by the weekend as the European high moves away and the Atlantic lows draw in cold air from the north. With such a warm start to the month, though, this could still turn out to be a very mild November.

Record high temperature for November

A southerly airstream is keeping temperatures unseasonably high at the moment, and we recorded 17.7C at 1230 yesterday. That’s a new November record for this weather station – the previous maximum was 17.0C in November 2010, and again in 2011. Incidentally, that 2010 high was followed six weeks later by our record low temperature of -11.3C, on 19 December 2010.

The warm but rather wet weather looks set to continue for a few days yet, so we could see the November record broken again. Keep an eye on the month-to-date section on the Current Weather page.


October 2015 summary

October saw several spells of high pressure and as a consequence it was a quiet and dry month. Total rainfall was 36mm, making this the driest October since the station was set up back in 2007. The previous three Octobers all exceeded 100mm, and the October average for this station is 77mm.

The wind run for the month was 625nm, the quietest October we have recorded. The last three months of this year (Aug-Oct) have all seen well below-average wind run totals.

The month began with a spell of high pressure, and Atlantic lows only put in an appearance on three occasions – around the 6th, the 21st and from the 26th-30th. These accounted for all the rain recorded during the month, but there were no really wet days: the highest daily total was 7mm recorded on the 21st and again on the 30th. For the rest of October a succession of high pressure systems meant quiet weather – sometimes with blue skies, but there were spells of high-pressure gloom and early morning fog was a common feature.

The average temperature for October was close to normal at 11.8C and there were no exceptional highs or lows. At a time when we would expect temperatures to be falling, though, the end of October was nearly as warm as the beginning, thanks to a warm south-easterly airflow. The last day of the month combined this warmth with a clear, sunny day, making it quite hard to believe that November was about to arrive.