It’s getting windy out there!

A lively little low pressure system has moved across South Wales this afternoon and is currently centred around Gloucester. When this system was to our west all we saw was an easterly breeze, but now it is to our north-east it is generating a good deal of wind with gusts over 40kts. This isn’t exceptional for spring, autumn or winter, but it is a bit breezy for summertime.

The maximum gust this evening (at the time of writing) is 43kts and a short time ago the average wind speed was over 27kts. These are both new June records for this weather station, and by quite a big margin – the previous June records were 21.8kts gusting to 30.4kts in 2012. With trees in full leaf there is potential for some damage until this low moves away east, and we have already seen the power go off a few times (but the web site should keep going). Take care!

New web page

Following a suggestion by one of our visitors (thanks, Peter) I have added a new page to the web site, which gives brief details of the weather for each day of the current month. The page updates automatically shortly after midnight.

I hope people find this useful – let me know if you spot any problems. Any other suggestions welcome!

May 2016 summary

A real mixture of weather this month, quite difficult to identify a theme. Overall temperatures were a little above normal with an average of 13.5C, and this was the second-warmest May we have recorded – the warmest was 13.9C in 2008. It was also a dry month with a rainfall total of 19.5mm, less than half the May average, although it rained on 15 days of the month. The wettest day (the 21st) saw only 5.2mm, but there was some very local convective rainfall and on at least one occasion it was raining quite hard at one end of the village while the other end remained dry. Hence rainfall figures a short distance away could look quite different.

The month started with a switch from the polar air that made the end of April quite chilly, to a milder south-westerly airstream. High pressure built from the south and we had some cold, clear nights but bright sunny days, with enough strength in the sun to make it feel warmer than it was. From the 6th low pressure over Europe drew in a warm south-easterly airstream and hazy sunshine brought us the warmest weather of the month, with a maximum of 23.9C on the 8th despite overnight rain. It was all change by the 10th, though, when a more or less static warm front produced a mist that lasted all day and into the next – it felt uncomfortably humid after the bright, dry weather of a couple of days before.

On the 12th it was back to polar air, with a low over Europe and a high to our north west, and as temperatures dropped it felt a good deal fresher. There followed a brief clear spell thanks to high pressure to our southwest, but that soon moved off and by the 17th a procession of Atlantic lows took over, bringing cloud but only a little rain.

High pressure was back briefly on the 23rd so we were back to sunshine by day and chilly nights, and then on the 26th a low pressure system took up residence off Portugal bringing us a north-easterly breeze which originated over the continent – so it was warm. One consequence was thunderstorms over the UK on the 27th and although we only saw one brief storm here, there were some spectaular ones not far away over the Mendips and Brecon Beacons. The following day saw severe storms over Europe, resulting in injuries and death.

The low off Portugal had moved away by the 29th, but another low over Europe maintained the warm north-easterly airstream. We were on the edge of a large, slack area of high pressure over the Atlantic, so the month ended with some quiet, warm and sunny weather – a good introduction to summer.