Warmest day on record

As mentioned earlier, today has seen a new record high temperature for this station – the peak was 32.4C at 1518.

The average daytime (0600-1800) temperature today was 26.9C (corrected 20/6/16 – not 27C, as I reported yesterday), which is also a new record for us – so, whichever way you look at it, today has been our warmest day (and tonight looks likely to be our warmest night* as well!).

  • Updated 0920 20/7/16
  • It was indeed a new record for the warmest night (1800-0600) – an uncomfortable average of 23.9C.

A new temperature record

There it is – at 1309 the thermometer reached 31.4C, a new record for this station. It’s still rising, and although the rate of increase is slowing the warmest part of the day is usually later than this. Keep checking back to see how high we go!

This is going to be a warm one.

At 1223 today the temperature here reached 30C, and it’s still rising. At this time yesterday we hadn’t reached 25C.

In fact, the highest temperature recorded here before 1300 on any day was 29.3C on 18 July 2013, and we beat that by a full 1C at 1230 today. The chances are looking good that we’ll beat our all-time record of 31.2C, recorded on 19 July 2013.


Highest temperature of the year so far – and more to come?

The thermometer reached 28.9C as 1450 today, the highest temperature we have seen this year and a welcome change from the rather dismal start to the day. Much of the country was basking in evening sunshine yesterday, but here a sea mist drifted in from the Bristol Channel bringing a chilly end to the day. The night was calm so the mist stayed with us until morning, and it wasn’t until about 0900 today that the sun burned it off. Once the mist had gone, though, we had a dose of proper summer weather and as I type this at 1930 the temperature is still at 27.5C – a warm night is in prospect.

Despite what many journalists seem to think, “highest temperature” does not mean necessarily mean “warmest day”. Despite the high temperature reached this afternoon, today was not the warmest day of the year if by “warmest day” you mean the average daytime (0600-1800) temperature. That record still belongs to 6 June, when the daytime average was 25.0C. Today’s average was 22.8C, thanks to the cool start before the mist cleared.

Higher temperatures still are forecast for tomorrow. Our all time record here is 31.2C in July 2013 – check the web site tomorrow to see if we beat that.






June 2016 summary

Statistically June was close to average in all respects but one (of which more later), but it didn’t feel like that: it was a dull and damp month without much of a sense of summer to it. The mean temperature was 15.6C which is 0.3C above the June average for this station, and total rainfall was 58.6mm which is also close to the average here.

For most of June the weather was dominated by Atlantic lows but high pressure did put in an appearance early on, with a warm sunny day on the 5th producing a high of 25.6C followed by 25.9C the following day – that was the maximum for the month. The high stayed with us for a couple more days but the weather was generally dull and humid rather than sunny, and by the 10th the Atlantic lows had taken over and stayed with us for the rest of the month. The result was an endless succession of “sunshine and showers” – there were thunderstorms somewhere in the UK for much of the month, but only once here on the 15th.

The only break in the tedium came on the 28th when, as reported here, a low pressure system produced wind speeds of 30kts gusting to 43kts during the early evening – both new records for a summer month at this weather station. As the low moved off east the winds moderated again and we were back to normal before midnight, but not without a few fallen trees and some power cuts.

An uninspiring start to summer, then, and not as good a month as the numbers might suggest.