September 2016 summary

The summer weather continued well into September this year, with an average temperature of 17.4C for the first fortnight beating all of the previous three months. That warmth was often accompanied by uncomfortable humidity on warm continental air, thanks to high pressure over Europe and lows to our north and west, and it was often cloudy as well as warm. There were some uncomfortably muggy nights, with an average of 19.3C on the night of the 13th / 14th being a new September record: the highest temperature of the month was 25.1C on the 7th, but the warmest day (0600-1800) was the 14th with an average of 21.3C.

The warm and humid weather came to an end when cooler air forced its way in from the west in the middle of the month, with thunderstorms at the boundary with the warmer air to the east. We saw only a brief storm here during the morning of the 13th, but distant thunder could be heard for much of the day as storms made their way north from Devon and Dorset.

The second half of September was cooler than the first, but temperatures were still respectable and with high pressure to our south there was more sunshine and a fresher feel to the weather. Atlantic lows brought some rain, particularly towards the end of the month, but they were well to the north of us and we were protected from the gales and heavy rainfall that affected the north of the UK. The month ended with an average temperature of 16.2C, making this the warmest September on record here, and total rainfall of 64.6mm.