New record low temperature for November

I’ll do a summary of November’s weather in the next day or two, but thought it worth mentioning that the minimum of -5.7C recorded at 0444 today is a new record low for November at this station.

The average temperature overnight (1800-0600) was -1.9C, which isn’t a record-breaker – we had colder nights on the 27th and 28th November 2010 (and we all remember winter that followed). This cold spell has reduced the average temperature for this month to 7.1C at the time of writing, and it looks as if this might be the second coldest November we have recorded here since the station was set up in 2007 – the coldest, of course, was 2010 with 6.5C, and I doubt if we’ll beat that. See the archive for figures.

October 2016 summary

October’s weather was dominated by high pressure systems which kept the Atlantic lows at bay, and consequently it was generally quiet with below-average rainfall and little wind. Temperatures during the first half of October were below normal, but sunshine often offset the chill: conversely there was some unseasonably mild weather at the end of the month, but also a blanket of stubborn cloud. Overall temperatures were about 1C below average.

October began with a low pressure system just to our north, which brought us 8mm of rain on the 1st. After that, though, we recorded no more rain until the 14th: a high pressure system built up over Scandinavia and blocked the progress of Atlantic lows, while drawing in a cool but dry easterly breeze. There was a warm spell on the 4th/5th with highs over 18C, but at night temperatures dropped away sharply so that the average for the first two weeks of the month was a couple of degrees below what we might have expected. There were some clear blue skies to make up for it, though.

The Scandinavian high moved off east on the 14th, allowing a complex low to bring the first rain for two weeks, and a milder westerly airstream. A few days later we came under the influence of high pressure again, as the Azores high pushed up to the west of the UK. This blocked the Atlantic lows once again but this time with high pressure to our west and low to the east, and consequently a cool north-westerly breeze. This spell produced the lowest temperatures of the month, with misty mornings and a low of 0.8C recorded early on the 22nd.

This high moved off on the 23rd and we had another brief visit from Atlantic weather systems, and an occluded front stuck with us all day on the 24th producing 16.8mm of rain. The lows weren’t in charge for long, though, because on the 26th our third high pressure system of the month developed over northern France and grew to cover the south of the UK for the rest of October.

This high pressure system brough warm and humid air from the south, and the result was some very mild temperatures for the end of October, but also a blanket of cloud which broke only occasionally to give brief sunny intervals. The thermometer reached 16.8C in sunshine on the last day of the month, but much of the last week of October was gloomy and still.

The average temperature for October was 11.0C, a little below normal, and rainfall was 37.6mm – about half the October average. There was little in the way of wind, but the average pressure of 1020.9hPa is our second-highest October value.