New web page

Following a suggestion by one of our visitors (thanks, Peter) I have added a new page to the web site, which gives brief details of the weather for each day of the current month. The page updates automatically shortly after midnight.

I hope people find this useful – let me know if you spot any problems. Any other suggestions welcome!

The “Live Weather” page has been removed

For several years this site has had two automatically-updated weather pages. The “Current Weather” page provides a text-based display of weather conditions, and the “Live Weather” page showed similar data in a graphical format.

The graphical display relied on Adobe Flash. For a number of reasons we have decided not to use Flash on this site any more, and so the Live Weather Page has been removed.

Apologies to those visitors who enjoyed the graphical display.

Weather station fault – update

A check of the rain gauge this morning revealed that a spider had made its home in the gauge’s mechanism, obstructing the water flow and causing the decidedly odd rainfall measurements for yesterday and early today.  The squatter has been re-homed and the gauge is working properly again, but I reckon that the rainfall total for yesterday and today will be down by something like 5mm as a result of this little mishap.

Meanwhile, a sharp tap with a screwdriver seems to have resolved the problem with the transmitter. I’ll replace it anyway as soon as the part arrives, but at the moment it’s all systems go.