Last of the snow

It’s just after 1pm as I type this, and there is a minor snow flurry outside. Last night saw the lowest temperature this month, with -2.1C at 00:34 – but since then the thermometer has been rising steadily, and it’s now at 2.8C. The humidity has dropped at the same time, and that’s why we’re seeing light snowfall at the moment instead of rain, but the forecast for the weekend and next week is higher temperatures and rainfall.

There is very little lying snow here now, but yesterday we took a trip up on to the Quantock hills and there is plenty of snow up there – some of it well over Wellington-boot depth. There are some photos here for anyone who is interested. Although the thaw here is all but complete, there is a lot of snow sitting on the hills and it’s all got to go somewhere when it melts. Let’s hope it doesn’t get too warm too fast.

With a week of January left, it seems unlikely we will see any more cold weather this month. Despite the disruption caused by snow in many parts of the country, and some very low temperatures in East Anglia, January here has not been particularly cold – a minimum of -2.1C is beaten by every year back to 2009, and the average temperature so far is 4.6C. That will probably increase a little by the end of the month, and we will end up right on the regional average.

Rainfall so far this month amounts to 36.2mm, well below average. Whilst we’re unlikely to match the very dry January of 2012 (39mm), it will make a pleasant change not to see a total running into three figures.