First rain for a fortnight

This morning we recorded the first rain for over a fortnight, with 0.2mm falling between 0800 and 1000. That isn’t going to keep the garden going for long, nor does it add much to this April’s total – just 4.6mm at the time of typing, and we’re two-thirds of the way through the month. With high pressure never far away humidity has been low too, so the ground has dried out and gardeners are having to provide their own April showers.

I checked to see whether we have seen other months when the first 20 days have been so dry, and there are two – September 2007 (2.8mm at this point in the month), and July 2013 (0.6mm). Both of those months ended with totals in the mid-20s, but the record-holder is May 2010 when we recorded just 12.4mm of rain for the whole month.

There’s plenty of time for things to change before the end of April, but forecasts suggest it will remain dry for a while yet. That May 2010 record could be beaten this month.