Rain at last – but it’s still a very dry year so far

I’m typing this at 10pm on 9 April, and we have recorded 12mm of rain for the day making it the wettest day since August last year. Weather stations in Weston-super-Mare and further north have seen quite a bit more rain than us, with several stations recording over 20mm. Our total so far this year is still under 100mm, about half what we would usually expect at this point in the year, so it will take quite a few more days like today to put us back into the “normal” range.

New web site

Today sees the first public airing of our new web site. As well as a more modern look the site now includes an archive of weather data going back to 2008. From time to time this page will be updated with comments about the weather, or anything that we think might be of interest.

The old site had been up for quite a few years and was long overdue for an update. Please let us know via the contact page if you find any problems with the new site. Thanks – enjoy.

One of our Blue Tits is missing

After spending the winter with us, our Blue Tit has been absent for quite a few nights recently. There isn’t much sign of nesting activity either, which we would expect to see by now. We hope we’re wrong, but it seems likely that our Blue Tit has paired with a bird elsewhere and won’t be bringing up a brood in our webcam-equipped bird box this year. You can see some pictures from a previous brood by clicking here.

We’ll leave the camera on for a little longer, but it doesn’t look promising. Maybe next year!

March weather

March 2012 turned out to be the warmest, driest and quietest (as in not much wind) March in the five years that we have been keeping records here. The first three months of this year have seen just 80mm of rain – another record.