Temperature records tumble

The temperature reached 30.6C at 1736 today, a new record for June at this station. It has also been our warmest June day (0600-1800) with an average temperature of 26.3C, and the second-warmest day overall since the station was set up in 2007 (the warmest was 19 July last year, when we also recorded our all-time record high temperature of 32.4C).

As I type this at 1815 the thermometer is hovering just under 30C and showing no sign of falling just yet. Yesterday evening a sea breeze popped up at about 1900 to cool things off a bit so, maybe we’ll get a little relief today as well – but we’re heading for a warm night.

Incidentally, we might be heading for a very dry month as well – we’ve recorded just 10.4mm so far, and this warm weather is set to remain for a few days yet.


EDIT 20/6/17

Yesterday’s high temperature record for June didn’t last long – we recorded 31.3C this afternoon.